Monday, July 22, 2019

Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Backer

Sep 20, 2015 I helped back a game called Bloodstained Ritual of The Night. Made by the famous Castlevania game  director IGA Igarashi, such a great game series!! It has an anime netflix show, be sure to check out if you like Gothic Horror and/or Dracula. It was released a month ago and is awesome everything I hoped it would be available on all current consoles and PC.  Here: is the name I chose for myself in the credits.  Drathian Drachenhertz.  (Drachenhertz, kinda means heart of the Dragon in German, and I use Drathian as my main nick online, although the word has ties to dragons in lore, I got it by combining my favorite enemy space fighter the Kilrathi Dralthi from the Wing Commander game series. When I started with this name I was the only Drathian, now we are many lol)

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